we are going to make you rethink what it means to publish on the web.

Thanks for checking out Marquee, the easiest way to create beautiful pages and publish them to your social graph. We’ve been hard at work, building a great new way for you to share the stuff you make, and you’re one of the first people to get to use it. (Yay you!) 

You can edit this page right now

Go on, do it.Click the edit button at the top left to get started. Marquee isn’t like anything you’ve used before. Instead of filling out forms, you work on the page directly. 

Computer or Cloud

You can do more than just write on Marquee. Bring in the images, audio, and video you have on your computer by dropping them anywhere on the page — upload buttons are so tired.We’ve made it really easy to bring stuff from Dropbox. Just click on *connect Dropbox*. Once you’ve hooked us up, you’ll be able to browse your whole Dropbox right from inside Marquee. 

Make beautiful pages

Everything you make on Marquee can be totally unique. Drag stuff around, shrink it, stretch it out. We snap everything to a grid structure so that it always looks great.We also have some beautiful themes to get you started, and give you controls to change colors, fonts, and sizes. Click the paintbrush on the sidebar when editing a page to access the design tools. 

Publish your success

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Social Publishing

Marquee lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, and soon Tumblr accounts, and publish your page to all of them with a single click. You also get a link you can share directly.Give it a try, no account required.